• Ran Fuchs

Urban Grace: video in collaboration with Eldad Shary

Urban Grace is a collaborative project with my high school friend Eldad Shary. We had been out of touch for many years and recently renewed our connection, which inspired this Urban Grace project.

The idea behind this project was to capture the diversity of the urban experience. Cities like Sydney, Kyoto, Munich, and Acre become habitats in which objects, plants, and living things, including people merge to form a living biotope.

Eldad Shary has been composing music for many years. Urban Grace is part of a new virtual album he is creating – 5 Minutes Pausa for the Soul. The album comprises 5 minutes musical pieces for healing, relaxation, and meditation. In addition, Eldad is currently working on two other musical projects: Genesis Sounds – original musical pieces playing as a background for recitations from the bible, and Hebrew Love – an album and a performance of Hebrew love songs. For more of Eldad's work: https://www.youtube.com/user/EldadSharyChannel

The Urban Grace project aims to emphasize the beauty and grace of the urban experience, which can otherwise be overwhelming for the dwellers of large metropolitans. Small moments of peace, leisure, or togetherness, which we too often let disappear without acknowledgement, merge in this project, visually and audibly, into a new experience. Take a break for five minutes and immerse in Urban Grace. We hope you enjoy it. Ran and Eldad.

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